Gov’t enhances special education

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is committed to enhancing the quality of education, especially for visually impaired students. In the 2018-19 financial year, the estimated recurrent expenditure on special education amounts to $2.7 billion.


The Education Bureau has also increased provision for nursing support and other specialist staff to schools for children with visual impairment. We have also improved teacher-to-class ratio and manpower provision of school social workers for schools. An extra grant is also provided to strengthen IT staff support to promote e-learning.


In recent years, Ebenezer has extended its service to the Mainland. It has formed sister schools with education institutions in Nanjing, Ningbo, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has also provided in-service training for pre-school teachers on the Mainland. I encourage Ebenezer to develop partnership and closer collaboration with our Mainland counterparts, so as to continue to benefit more visually impaired students in the regions.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung gave these remarks at the Forum on Education for the Visually Impaired with Multi-Disabilities organised by Ebenezer New Hope School on May 21.

via Moroccan Trader Gov’t enhances special education


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