Gov’t committed to creating inclusive society

Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung

Established in 1897, the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired has been serving with dedication, commitment, love and professionalism to the visually impaired people and students. We are glad to have Ebenezer as our close partner in nurturing our visually impaired talents. I can still recall Tsz Kwan, an alumnus of Ebenezer School who worked as an intern in my office last year when I was the Secretary for Labour & Welfare. I was deeply impressed by her. She once told me that, what a needy person requires is not sympathy, but empathy, support and equal access to opportunities. From her instructive remarks, I am sure that you can tell how Ebenezer School has been providing all-rounded, holistic education to her students. The current-term Government is committed to creating an inclusive, compassionate and caring society where disabled persons can unleash their potentials and live in a friendly environment. In this, we need Ebenezer’s continuous support and advice.


Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung gave these remarks at the Ebenezer School & Home For the Visually Impaired 120th anniversary cum Munsang crossover Ebenezer talent show on April 29.


via Moroccan Trader Gov’t committed to creating inclusive society


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